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Flower Passage

Flower Passage

Flower Passage is on the right side of the street, in the middle of Istiklal street, on the way from Taksim square to Tunnel. It is the historical passage where visitors can enjoy the lively atmosphere of their food restaurant. There are especially restaurants serving seafood.

The Flower Passage dates back to the 1870s. There was the famous Naum theater where. It was one of Europe’s leading cultural centers for Italian opera stages.

In 1870, the Naum Theater was burned and destroyed in the big fire in Beyoglu. After the fire, new buildings were built in Beyoglu. Greek banker Hristaki Zografos bought this place in 1876. He built a new building in the Italian architectural style with a bazaar and apartments.

In 1908, Sait Pasha bought this place and was called Sait Pasha Passage. In the 1940s, the passage became the location of small flower shops. Russian women fleeing the October revolution sold flowers here. Later, all the florists in Beyoglu gathered here and it was called ”Flower Passage”.

Beer houses and pubs came to here after the 1940s. Flower shops left the building and moved to another place. But the name of the building remained “Flower Passage”.

Restoration work was carried out in 1988 and 2005. Today, it continues to serve as pubs and restaurants. With its magnificent architecture, here is a great place for those who want to spend a lively night in Istanbul. We highly recommend.

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