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St. Pierre Church Hatay

St. Pierre Church Hatay

St. Pierre Church Hatay is located on the west side of Asi River and by the west foot of Hac (Staurin) Mountain. The area where the church was constructed is the antique city of Antiokheia. As the Antiokheia got bigger between II. and IV. Centuries, church turned to be in the middle of the city, near the Agora. This means the building was important in the social life of people in that era. Although there is no concrete data on the exact construction date, the oral tradition, historical events and development process of the city suggest that the building was used since the first Christians in Antakya.

The cave in which the church was constructed is the place St. Pierre firstly preached. Later it was turned to an official church. The one-spaced building has 9,5 meters width, 13 meters length and 7 meters height. Its first construction is thought to consist of a cradle vaulted space acquired by caving a huge rock. This part was used since the period of first Christians of Antakya. This dates to an early time as 38-39 AD. Secondly, stone walls and two stone columns were added. By adding of these elements, building was enlarged. This two columned intervention separated the space into three naves.

The west facade was constructed by Kapuchin Priests in 19th century. The traces on the facade and platform in front suggest that there was a portico here formerly. West facade show a regional style which has a threefold layout. This facade was constructed by hewn stones and has three portals, middle one of which is bigger than the others.

The platform of hewn stones, altar and St. Pierre sculpture in a niche belong to recent times.


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