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Troy Ancient City

Troy Ancient City

Troy Ancient City, Troia in French,  Troy in English, Troya in Greek , Truva in Turkish and so many different saying in different languages can be found for this mythological settlement showing the great civilation where is about  31 kms South West of Canakkale on the way to Izmir road Troy is located on the Asian shore of the Dardanelles where Skamander River  flows into the Aegean Sea.  The name Troy has been used 49 times and Iliyada 109 times in the Homer’s epic which is noted for as Troy and Iliyada.

Due to its strategic location between European and Asian continents connecting the Aegean and the Black Sea trade routes, Troy has become an important commercial  center and the settlement for thousands of years and has grabbed so many attacks by different nations to capture the city so wars have made a great destructions so many times .

The history of Troy dates back to the the Bronze Age and begins with the legendary King Priam was known as Ilios or Ilion, fort and town were destroyed at the end of the Trojan War. The first excavations at Troy of Homer’s Iliad, Henrich Schliemann, a wealthy  German amateur archaeologist based on the epic Troy in 1870, began digging out and unfortunately the treasure was found and later taken out illegally out of Turkey . The treasure of Troy has been appeared after a long period of time in the Pushkin Museum of Russia.

Troy has been established in the same place again and again after being collapsed, destroyed and sucked  which is very interesting and needs to be examined in terms of archeology and history. Generally, when a city destroyed, it is installed for another place but in Troy, it has been installed on the same place for nine times that gives us a chance to see nine different layers today. The layers represents  a rich variety of great civilisations dated between  3000 BC to 1200 AD, from a mythological Greek to Byzantine times, from Agamemnon and beautiful Helen, to Roman emperor and  hieros.


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