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Antiphellos, one of the fastest expanding towns in the field of tourism is Kas in Antalya. As the town was established over the ancient city of Antiphellos. in Middle Lycia. there are not many ruins that remain above ground. An inscription found in Kas written in two languages definitively establishes the fact that the city lying under Kas. However, the original name of was Habesos or Habesa in the ancient to of Lycia, where as it was later given the n Antiphellos.

Antiphellos was a small settlement area it 4th century B.C. and was the harbor for Phellos, was situated just above it. However, near the sta the Hellenistic period, phellos contracted in, whereas Antiphellos grew in size and importa This situation continued through the Roman pe whereas cedar forest products and a flouris sponge business brought in enormous riches 1th city, diminishing the dependency on Phellos.

On the rise was probably the city’s acroI one can see fortifications on the side facing , Island (ancient ‘Kastellorizon’). However remnants of these fortifications are to be seen  northern or western slopes. Ruins of a wall or shoreline can still be seen today. To the west modern town, to the right of the road leading  Cukurbag Peninsula, stands the ancient theater Antiphellos overlooking the sea. The fine mason this theater is quite attractive and was construct local limestone. This Hellenistic theater, remarkably intact today, once held 4,000 people sat in 26 seating rows. Its tribunes and outer, are still visible today, although no trace of the skene remains.


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