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Stratonikeia is an ancient city, located inside of the Caria Region. It is now located at today’s Eskihisar Village (Mugla Province). The research, excavation and restoration of Stratonikeia are being conducted by Chief Assist. Dr Bilal Sögüt at Pamukkale University since 2008.

Why Stratonikeia?

• It is a city that is passed through by road

• It is on the way to all routes taking you to Marmaris and Bodrum

• Its construction was made by marbles.

• It is only place where two eternal lovers lived

• It is a Menippos’s city who have the highest statues of Asian’s speakers, listened to

• It is a state city that includes two huge sanctuaries dedicated to Hekate and Zeus.

• Zeus Khrysaereon Temple that belonged to the Carians was the religious centre of all important ceremonies and meeting

• It is a political centre that is committed to by the Lagina Hekate Sanctuary and attracts numerous festival groups every year.

• It is a rare place where you can find urban and city properties from the Ancient Period, Ottoman and Turkey Republic.

• It is an example of a historical place that you can walk on cobbled and stone-paved Ottoman style streets.

• It is a place where Gladiators fought to survive after many fights and their retirement.

• It’s a place that had the largest Gymnasium in the ancient period (105×180 m).

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