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Apollon Smintheus Archaeological Museum

Apollon Smintheus Archaeological Museum
Apollon Smintheus Archaeological Museum, Smintheus Temple of Apollo, Gülpınar Coned formerly known as the town in the north-west, is located in the garden, called intra-located in the valley between the north-eastern outskirts of the beginning.
This region is rich in water, it is fed by underground springs; It is likely to be transferred to the main centers with underground channels formed in ancient times. Hellenistic era in temples made-wherewith you have plenty of water in the area is a symbol of the cult of Apollonia. Because;  always be established in this area must therefore also need water to make a god of prophecy Apollonia.
Archaeologists, architects and art historians to the Hellenistic Age (M.Ö.330-30) and the architecture is very loved and needed as a matter of interest is encountered. Gülpınar Apollonia Smintheus Temple in addition to the issue to the Hellenistic period, Homer’s area relief from the Iliad epic architectural design and the year. M.Ö.150 attention with style temple made in Ion style, north-western Turkey, today in Troas It is one example. Assign the signature of the Hellenistic temple architecture in Anatolia where the architect Hermogenes apply pseudodipteros in plan design and rear side 8, and 14 are located on the long side column array. The dimensions of the temple; 23:20 edging meters from the long edges of three different types of stone were used in 41.65 mt. structure. Basically, it is made of stone indigenous volcanic tuff. Over it is covered with andesite-basalt stone around common. Basic and most recently covering the 11 digits are marble. Paved with marble sanctuary consists of three rooms. These are: input respectively, pronaos (holy front room), naos (sacred room) and opisthodomos (back room) in turnaos, Paros made by sculptor Scopas and 110 cm piece of uncovered leg, where the statue of the god Apollonia It is known.

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