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Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace,  Dogubeyazit
Ishak Pasha Palace, the palace is a rather complex in east Turkey near the Iranian border. Istanbul after the Topkapi Palace is the most famous palace built in the last period.
Dogubeyazit district, 5 km. east, built on a hill in the mountainside palace is the last large monumental structure of the Ottoman Empire, the Tulip Period. 18th century. As one of the most prominent and outstanding examples of Ottoman architecture, in terms of the history of art is a great value. According to the construction of the Palace Harem Takkap inscription Hegira 1199, Gregorian’s 1784 con- cluded.
Palace Ottoman, Persian and carries a feature gathers the architectural style of the Seljuk civilization. II of the Cildıroğul. Colak Abdi Pasha and Ishak Pasha, palace built by 1685, 1784 con- cluded and the final figure. Construction of approximately 115×50 m. It is built on an area of measurement. Ashlar portal on the eastern façade of the palace of relief and decorations reflect the characteristics of Seljuk art.
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