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Metropolis, the history of the borough dates back to the antique ages. Today’s Torbalı was built on the fruitful lands of the Kücük Menderes and first settlements began in 3000 B.C.’s on the borough which is between Ephesus (Selcuk), Smyrna (Izmir), Colophon (Degirmendere), Nation (Ahmetbeyli) and Nif (Kemalpasa) antique cities.

The earliest settlement in the region was uncovered at Metropolis antique city. The region developed in 2500 B.C. during the Hittite reign and lives its most glorious days during the Lydian period. In order, it lived through the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze ages, the Phrygian, Lydian, Persian, Roman and Byzantine eras, between 1071 and 1317 Seljuk and Aydınogulları, and finally the Ottoman Empire.

It is believed that the borough got its name from Triyanna or Tripolis which were other names for the city. Metropolis means the city of the Mother Goddess. Famous historian Strabo had stated that the city was a wine center during the antique age.

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