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Klaros (Claros)

In ancient times, people attached great importance to the words of the oracle that foretold the future, gave advice and warnings. In the Greek world, apart from the most famous oracle at Delphi, there were many other prophetic centers, of local or wider significance. One of them was the oracle of Klaros, the ruins of which are located in Izmir province, near Ahmetbeyli.

The religious center in Klaros consisted of the temple and oracle of Apollo, revered locally as Apollo Clarius. This oracle during the ancient period had the significance similar to the ones in Delphi and Didyma. The nearest Greek settlements – Notion and Colophon – took care of this center. Also, every five years, a sports event, known as Claria and organized in honor of Apollo, was held in Claros.

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