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Euromos, the city, located in the region known as Caria, was known from the 5th century BC as Cyramos (Hyramos). During the reign of King Mausolus of Halicarnassus (the 4th century BC) the city was subordinated to Milas and lost its independence. At the same time, its name was changed to Euromos (meaning ‘Strong’), which resulted from the program of Caria Hellenization implemented by Mausolus.

In Roman times, Euromos was granted the status of an autonomous city, but soon afterward it was completely abandoned. The most probable reason was the Antonine Plague that broke out in the western part of Asia Minor in 166 AD. The scholars suspect it to have been either smallpox or measles. In subsequent years, an epidemic spread throughout the entire territory of the Roman Empire, and within 20 years decimated its population.

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