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Red & Rose Valley

Red & Rose Valley

Red & Rose Valley, Cappadocia’s most beautiful intertwining valleys lie between the villages of Göreme and Cavusin. Here the rolling and rippling rock faces arc out across the country side in a palette of pastel pink, yellow and orange cliffs, formed by volcanic explosion and millennia of wind and water erosion. Between the cliffs are lush orchards, vineyards and vegetable plots still tended by local farmers while carved into the rock are hidden churches and hermit-hide outs which date back to the Byzantine era. There are dozens of hiking trails so it’s the perfect opportunity to grab your walking shoes and head out onto the paths. Three particular attractions within Rose Valley are the Kolonlu Kilise (Columned Church), Hacli Kilise (Church of the Cross) with its mammoth cross carved into the cave ceiling, and the Uc Haclı Kilise (Church of the Three Crosses) with its amazingly preserved ceiling carvings and interesting (though severely damaged) frescoes.

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