How to go Cappadocia ?

How to go Cappadocia ?

How to go Cappadocia ?
When we look at the map, we see that cappadocia is in the middle of the land. There are many ways to reach Cappadocia from Istanbul and from the other cities in Turkey. You can go by plane, by bus, by train and by car.


  • If you like to go by flight, you can have daily flights from Istanbul airports to Cappadocia. Turkish airlines and the other airline compines has daily flights. The flight time is about 75 minutes. There are two closest airports. One of Kayseri airport, the other one Nevşehir airport. You can go to settlements the center of Cappadocia with regular shuttles from these airports. If you book in advance, private services will welcome you and take you to your hotel in Cappadocia.
    There are also flights from Izmir and from Antalya, but not daily. There are some days of the week.


  • If you like to go by bus, you can get many bus companies to Cappadocia. There are more buses in the summer season.There are more than 10 buses per day. There are 2 buses in the morning around 8:00am. The other buses depart in the evening around 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm,10:00pm and arrive next day in the morning. The journey takes approximately 12 hours. It has to be 2 drivers in bus companies. They stop at least twice on the way and take a break for your toilet needs and for food and beverage needs. Buses are very comfortable. All buses have wifi. Many bus companies offer complimentary refreshments such as tea, coffee,water and some small cake. When you arrive at Nevşehir bus station in Cappadocia, they take you to center of Cappadocia with free shuttles.
    There are also bus services from many cities to Cappadocia. You can find regular bus services from cities such as Kayseri, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Fethiye, Samsun, Adana and Konya.


  • If you like to go by train, you need to go first to Ankara, you will go to Kayseri with another train from Ankara. There are train services several times a day. You can reach Cappadocia by bus from Kayseri. When the newly built train route is opened, you can go to Kayseri by direct high-speed train from Istanbul.
    We hope that the new railway will be opened up to a couple of years. Although it is not very popular now, high speed train services will also become popular.


  • You can also go to Cappadocia with your own car or rental car. The roads are very beautiful and double sided. There are many beautiful facilities where you can stop and take a break along the way.

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