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Golden Horn Tour

Golden Horn Tour

Highlights: Visit the Chora Museum, Visit the Pierre Loti Hill for panoramic view with cable car and cruise along the fascinating Golden Horn Tour shores.

If you have three days in Istanbul this is the one that you can do after the top five including Ayasofya Museum, Topkapı Palace, Blue Mosque, Bosphorus boat cruise and Dolmabahçe Palace. You can also make some shopping in the afternoon as this tour only takes half a day.

In the morning the minibus will take you from your hotel for first to see the amazing mosaics of 14th century Christianity of the Holly Chora Museum. On the way you can see some parts of the old city walls of Istanbul. You will be surprised how can be so many mosaics in such a small area. There is another good news is you can take also pictures of all these beautiful mosaics. After that the minibus will take you to the cable car to climb to the Pierre Loti Hill. At the top of the Pierre Loti Hill you will like to take pictures of one of the best panorama of Istanbul.

After that it is finally time to get the boat for the cruise along the Golden Horn, see the natural inlet’s coastline, historical churches and buildings from the sea.

Opportunity: You can ask your guide for shopping possibility of leathers and carpets from whole sellers on the way back to the hotel.

You can book your trip from your travel agency.



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