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Adana Archeaological Museum

Adana Archeaological Museum
Adana Archeaological Museum, Adana Cukurova’s historical monuments and museum exhibits of all, immediately after the proclamation of the Republic was established in 1924. Therefore, it is one of Turkey‘s oldest museum.
First, the surrounding columns, column heads and formed by summing the sarcophagus of the Police Department Museum, the appointment Adana the Alyanakza Halil Kamil Bey, director and eventually successful efforts in 1928, which was destroyed at the beginning of the Stone Bridge now Jafar Pasha Mosque Madrasa It was opened to visitors. In 1950, it moved to its current Ethnographic Museum in Kurukopru. Especially Tarsus / Gözlükule (1934), Mersin / Yumuktepe (1936), Ceyhan / vinegar (1938) and Yüreğir / Misis (1958) found in the mound excavations, Cukurova outstanding works of the first period were collected in the museums.
Director of the museum’s ethnographic museum in terms of the enrichment Ali Riza Yalman (Yalkin) has made major contributions. The museum was moved to its present building in January 5, 1972. There are 17 071 and 26 547 coins archeological pieces in the museum.

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