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The Obelisk, located on the Spina wall of the hippodrome in Sultanahmet Square, is an ancient Egyptian. It was brought to Egypt by the Roman emperor Theodosius I in 390 AD and erected there.

The Obelisk was the first Egyptian pharaoh III. It was built by Tutmosis in the 15th century BC. It was erected south of the seventh pylon of the Karnak temple. Roman emperor II. Constantius brought the obelisk to the city of Alexandria over the Nile river in honor of its 30th anniversary of its throne. In 390 AD, Emperor Theodosius carried to Istanbul with the special ships he built. Erected to its current location in Hippodrome. Since then, it has been in the same place, without changing its location.

The obelisk is made of Red Asvan Granite stone. Its original height was 30 m. Today, its height is 18.45 m (24.87 m with its base). It is estimated that the lower part was destroyed during transportation or when placed in its current location. Its weight is on average 200 tons.

Those who come to visit the Sultanahmet square watch the Egyptian obelisk in the hippodrome with interest and take plenty of pictures. It is one of the most popular place of Istanbul.

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