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Belisirma Village

Belisirma Village

Belisirma is a little village located in Cappadocia on the Melendiz River down the Ihlara Valley near Urgup, Turkey. The most important specialty of this village of Güzelyurt county of Aksaray Province is that it is actually established in the Ihlara Valley. Basicly the Belisirma Village was established on the slopes of the valley, on the right side of the Melendiz brook which flows through the valley.
It has been indicated in the historical resources that the name “Belisırma” is derived from the Greek word “Peristrema”. Even though this area is not as large as the city center of Güzelyurt or town of Ihlara, Greeks intensively settled in this village.
Belisirma is located in the middle of the trekking path continuing across Ihlara Valley, the hikingers who walk up to here are able to leave the valley through the road coming all the way down to the valley.

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