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Sobesos Ancient City

Sobesos Ancient City

Sobesos Ancient City in Sahin Efendi Village is located quite remote to the main sights in Cappadocia en route to Soganli Valley. The ancient city was discovered by some treasure-hunters working in the fields in 2002. Today, you can see the only Roman Ancient City in Cappadocia with the help of researches and excavations.

The archeologists have uncovered the Roman Bath Section, Agora, The Basilica and The Bouleterion buildings. There is still a lot to be excavated in this city, but as the government is not funding enough, the archeologists are only able to excavate every 2 years for around 3 months.

The Roman Bath section has a proper hypocaust (in-floor heating system) central heating system, which still can be seen. The Agora is located right next to the bath and is a basic shopping mall of ancient times.

The Bouleterion was something like the Parliament of contemporary governments and it has several columns still surviving around a rectangular-shape building. The Basilica has the best-protected mosaics in Cappadocia region and it has nice depictions of cross shapes.

The ancient city has a graveyard around the basilica and lots of skeletons were discovered. Some of them are displayed in some churches in Goreme Open Air Museum.

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