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Yedikule Fortress

Yedikule Fortress

Yedikule Fortress consists of seven towers like its name. 4 of these towers were built in the Byzantine period and the other 3 were built in the Ottoman period. The famous Golden Gate, which was made as a triumphal arch, was made by order of Byzantine Emperor I. Theodosius. It is combined with city walls built by Emperor II. Theodosius. The Golden Gate was the most important entrance door of the Byzantine, where Byzantine emperors returned from the expeditions entered the city in magnificence with ceremonies.
During the Ottoman period, the walls and the castle were further enlarged and received their current appearance. It was used as a castle where the state treasury was preserved and the loot was collected for a long time in the Ottoman period.
It was used as a dungeon for a short time during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. In the list of the introduction, the names of the prisoners are written here, why they are here and their fate.
Young Osman (II. Osman), the youngest sultan of the Ottoman Empire, was massacred here. The room where he was murdered is on the second floor.
Reformist II. Osman (Young Osman) was a tragedy in Ottoman history.
Today it is open to touristic visits and visits. It is 10 minutes by taxi from Sultanahmet Square. There are regular bus services from Eminönü Square bus number 80, from Beyazıt Square bus number 80B and from Taksim Square bus number 80T. Also you can go by Marmaray to Kazlicesme station, It is 5 minutes walk from Kazlicesme to Yedikule.
It is open every day of the week and serves between 09.00-18.30.
One of the places to see and visit in Istanbul. We recommend.

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