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Visiting Spice Bazaar and 1.5-hour Boat Cruise

spice bazaar
Spice Bazaar

Visiting Spice Bazaar and 1.5-hour Boat Cruise

Highlights: Discover; Spice Bazaar and 1.5-hour Boat Cruise, at sea the beautiful wooden houses and palaces near the seaside along the famous Bosphorus Strait.

This tour is in the top five to do after old city walking tours including Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapı Palace and Blue Mosque. The tour is the best if you want to have a beautiful 1,5 hour at the sea and take pleasure of sight-seeing.

In the beginning you will be happy of tasting the delicious Turkish delights and exotic spices at Spice Bazaar built by the Queen Mother at 1664. The bazaar is also the second oldest covered one after the Grand Bazaar and as crazily crowded by Turkish people at weekends do not hesitate to ask your guide where to buy the most famous and fresh Turkish coffee.


After Spice Market it is the time to meet once again the minibus for transportation to get to the boat station. You will have an unforgettable cruise at the boat with the best part of the Bosphorus Straight. At first you will sea the biggest palace at the Europen side which is called the Dolmabahçe Palace built by Sultan Abdulmecid at 1855.  After that one Çıragan Palace will be looking at you as the most expensive hotel in Istanbul. You will see also villages like Ortaköy village which is one of the most cosmopolitan places of old Istanbul city. The neighbourhood is famous with its art galleries, night clubs and restaurants. Then you will see the Bebek village which is famous with its celebrities living by and their luxury boats. After you will like to take the pictures of the mighty Rumeli Fortress
built by Sultan Mehmet II at 1452 just before taking the old city of Costantinopolis. After the castle the boat will get close to the Asian side and you will like to take picture is Anadolu Castle, Küçüksu Pavillion and Beylerbeyi Palace but mostly the magnificent wooden houses of Bosphorus. Finally it will not be a suprise that you will be upset for leaving the boat. Visiting Spice Bazaar and 1.5-hour Boat Cruise, Bosphorus tour finished here.

Opportunity: You can ask your guide for shopping possibility of leathers and carpets from whole sellers on the way back to the hotel.


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