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Dolmabahçe Palace and Two Continents

Dolmabahçe Palace and Two Continents

Highlights: Cross Bosphorus Bridge by minibus, eat near the top of Çamlıca Hill at Asian side and discover the pearl of Bosphorus Dolmabahçe Palace.

Dolmabahçe Palace and Two Continents

This tour is in the top five to do after old city walking tours including Ayasofya Museum, Topkapı Palace and Blue Mosque. If you have a whole day this is the best to do after the Bosphorus cruise. After the boat the driver will take you to cross the bridge of Bosphorus and arrive to the Asian side (Anadolu Yakası).

Bosphorus Two Continents

Ungfortunately the minibus can not stop on the bridge but you will be very happy to leave Europe with such a view of the crossing. On the other side it will be Asia to welcome you and you will wonder of the beautiful panorama while climbing the Çamlıca Hill on the way to your restaurant. After the pleasure of the meal do not be shy to have a few more pictures of the city from the Asian side.

After lunch it is time to return to the Europen side and visit  Dolmabahçe Palace built by Sultan Abdulmecid at 1846. The palace main difference from Topkapı Palace is; that one is fully decorated and used even today for some very high level receptions 1-3 times a year. The palace has a main entrance with a wonderful royal garden and you will like to take pictures before the entrance of the palace. After the entrance you will feel that you have made a time travel and the Sultan will appear to you from any corner inside the palace. Before the exit of your tour you will be shocked with the amazing crystal chandelier with 4,5 tonnes, the biggest royal type of Hereke carpet and the royal golden throne at the big ceremonial hall.


Opportunity: You can ask your guide for shopping possibility of leathers and carpets from whole sellers on the way back to the hotel.


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