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Kumkapi Fish Village

Kumkapi Fish Village

Kumkapi is an old Istanbul village. Kumkapi Fish Village consists of approximately 50 buildings with two and three floors on the street, which is closed to vehicle traffic. It is a 20 minutes walk from Sultanahmet square. If you want to go by car, it is 5 to 10 minutes to Sultanahmet square. Taksim square is 20 minutes by car.

With the restoration made in Kumkapı in the 1980s, the old houses have become their current form. Interior and exterior facades in all buildings have been renewed to give a modern and more even appearance. In winter, indoor service is provided. In the summer, tables are placed outside the restaurant and served both inside and outside.

Which of the restaurants that are similar to each other is a difficult decision you will want to sit. Finally you find the place where you want to eat and sit. Waiters come with a tray filled with cold appetizers to order food and drinks. You order the appetizers you like from the tray. You can also order appetizers called intermediate hot. Then you choose fish for the main dish. There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options. Turks prefer to drink raki. Beer, wine and vodka options are also preferable. Fresh fruit is served towards the end of the meal. Finally, the famous Turkish coffee comes.

The street is crowded and fun from 7pm to 12pm in the evening. Gypsy musicians come to restaurants and sing every music and song they want. (A small tip is required for gypsy musicians) It will be even more enjoyable in the coming hours. Some people sing along with music, some of dancing.

For many Istanbul residents, Kumkapi is a colorful, fun and interesting place. They would be happy to bring their guests here for fun and fresh fish.

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