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Istanbul Old City Walking Tour


Istanbul Old City Walking Tour
Istanbul Old City Walking Tour

Highlights: Hippodrome, German Fountain, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Caferağa Medrese, Topkapı Palace, Grand Bazaar.

If you have only one day in Istanbul this is best thing to do. You will see Hippodrome – Blue Mosque – Hagia Sophia – Topkapı Palace and Grand Bazaar in one day.
We call this tour in many names but the essential is this is a all day very beautiful Istanbul Old City Walking Tour. Because of the energy you need we highly recommend to eat your sweat at the lunch.

After the meeting point near Sultanahmet center you will be expected by the German Fountain – gift of Kaiser Wilhelm II – at Roman Hippodrome. The Egyptian Obelisk which is one of the symbols of Istanbul will be waiting for its turn. Next to the Hippodrome you will be happy with visiting the Sultanahmet Mosque – called as.
Blue Mosque because of the beautiful blue tiles inside -. On the exit of the mosque it is one of best spots to take the picture of Ayasofya Museum – Hagia Sophia from outside. Inside you can take the pictures of the beautiful mosaiques and challenge yourself tying to take an enough bic picture of the gigantic 1500 years old building. After the church it will be another pleasure to see Caferaga Medresesi  – an old school but today a modern art center –

For lunch best choice is the Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi simple and the old style but one of the best menu of all Sultanahmet center.

After lunch prepare yourself for a long walk at the gardens of Topkapi Palace and meet the Sultans panoramic view of historical peninsula near the seaside. 500 years old royal palace is unique with its historical treasures especially with its Islamic sacred relics exhibition. First Courtyard well comes you with the Aya Irene Church- from outside- the second courtyard well comes you with Divan-ı Hümayun – the high court, the armory section and the historical kitchens and the the third courtyard well comes you with Arz Odası – the Audience Hall – and Kutsal Emanetler -the sacred relics –

After your visits the guide will take you to the Kapalıcarsi – Grand Bazaar– . Do not forget to take a picture of the gate that you enter to use it finding on your way back as the Grand Bazaar has more than 3500 thousand main shops.

And as you will see these beauties with a great local expert guide… you will not be quite the same again.

Shopping experience with quality: Ask your guide for tasting Turkish Delights, demonstration of Turkish Handicrafts, Iznik Ceramics and good quality leathers.

Well come to Istanbul 🙂


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