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Beaches in Istanbul

Beaches in Istanbul

Istanbul is a big city surrounded by seas on all sides. There are many beautiful beaches for those who live in this city and those who come to visit. There are beaches on the shores of the Black Sea and Marmara Sea. Kilyos and Şile are the most popular beaches on the Black Sea coast and Florya Marmara Sea coast.


Kilyos Beaches

Kilyos is a small fishing village in Sarıyer, on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul’s European side. Kilyos, which became touristic over time, is now an ideal place for those who go swimming for the summer season. It has the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul. It gets very crowded during the summer season and especially on weekends. There are also woodland places where you can have a picnic and barbecue, not only for swimming.
Kilyos is a place with many accommodation and restaurant alternatives.

It is located in neighboring villages close to Kilyos. These villages, Kısırkaya, Uskumruköy, Gümüşdere and Demirciköy are ideal places for swimming and picnics.
Kilyos and other villages, with forest on one side and the sea on the other, are among the most beautiful holiday destinations of Istanbul with these features. You can do many activities in many beach clubs in Kilyos. Examples include activities such as kite board, catamaran, windsurfing, beach volleyball and sand soccer.
Kilyos is 29 km from Taksim Square and 34 km from Sultanahmet Square.

How To Get To Kilyos

Kilyos, located within the borders of Sarıyer district, can be reached in many different ways.
If you want to go by bus:
25T and 40 Sarıyer- Taksim
25B Sariyer- Besiktas
25E Sariyer- Kabatas
25H Sariyer- Haciosman
41 Sarıyer – 4. Levent
59RS RumeliHisarüstü-Sarıyer
If you want to go by metro:
Taksim – Hacıosman metro and 25H Sarıyer – Hacıosman buses.


Şile Beaches

Şile is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, on the Black Sea coast. It has been known as a fishing village since ancient times. Today, with its long sandy beaches, it is an ideal place for summer holidays and for daily swimming.
It is an ideal place for those who want to have a picnic and barbecue due to its very large forest area. There are many villages on the road to Şile. One of them is Ömerli village. The water requirement of the Asian side of Istanbul comes from the Ömerli village dam. You can buy organic vegetables and fruits from these villages.
Şile is 70 km from Üsküdar Square.

How To Get To Şile

You go to Üsküdar from Beşiktaş and Eminönü by ferry. You can take the Şile-Ağva buses that regularly depart from Üsküdar.


Florya Beaches

Florya Güneş beach and Menekşe beach, one of the oldest beaches of Istanbul, are on the Marmara Sea coast.
As it is very crowded on weekends, we recommend you to go there during the week. It has shorter beaches than the Black Sea coast.
Florya is 21 km from Taksim Square and 19 km from Sultanahmet Square.

How to go to Florya

73F Taksim- Florya
BN1 Eminönü- Halkalı
BN2 Eminonu – Kucukcekmece
There is also transportation from Marmaray Florya station.


Yesilkoy Çiroz Beach

It is on the shore of the Marmara sea, which has a short sandy beach. We recommend that you go for the week. It gets very crowded on weekends.
Yeşilköy is 20 km from Taksim Square and 18 km from Sultanahmet Square.

How To Get To Yeşilköy

72T Taksim – Yesilkoy
81 Eminonu – Yesilkoy

Princes Islands beaches
Princes Islands beaches

Princes’ Islands Beaches

There are beautiful beaches on the islands located in the middle of the Marmara sea. There are beautiful clean beaches in Büyükada, Heybeliada, Kınalıada and Burgazada. They are beautiful places for those who live in Istanbul and those who come to visit. It is crowded on weekends. We recommend you to go on weekdays, it is more enjoyable.
The Princes’ Islands is about 1 hour away from the center of Istanbul.

How To Get To Princes’ Islands

There are regular ferries departing from Eminönü and Kabataş.


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