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Thermal Spa in Turkey

Thermal Spa in Turkey

Thermal spa in Turkey, sources have been used by many people in the world since history for their health and beauty, besides they would like get ride of stress, to relax their minds and bodies. In the world, Turkey is ranking 7th place as well as ranking 1st place in Europe in the field of geothermal sources because of its natural potential and wealth.

Approximately 7,000,000 people have travel from overseas to get benefits from thermal in Turkey.

Natural thermal can be found almost any location in Turkey. Turkey is one of the 7 countries in the world in terms of thermal sources wealth and Turkey has around 1300 thermal springs all over Anatolia. In addition, Turkey has around 190 thermal centers and most of them with international EuroMed certificates in 46 districts.

Thermal spring in Turkey are mostly located where there is a rich supply of natural mineral waters flowing from underground thermal hot springs. The hot springs are full of calcium and magnesium salts. The high temperature of those hot springs can vary between 20-110 degrees Celsius, and the flow is between 2-500 liters each second.

The water temperatures remedy a variety of health problems such as dermatological, rheumatism, neurological and gynecological diseases. Also, the presence of seismic defects make thermal spa in Turkey very wealthy at this point. The high quality of the thermal spa waters in Turkey has the best elements because of the warm climate and different chemical features. The thermal spa sources are very rich in radon, sulfur, a dilution of metals and salt. These particular thermal waters has proven remedial benefits which is enriched with minerals and salts.

Most Popular Destination of Thermal in Turkey

Most of the popular of thermal in Turkey are in the Aegean and Marmara regions such as









The Balcova Springs

Relax yourself with the spa treatments and calming massages at the one of the world’s leading thermal in Turkey. Health Tourism To Turkey provides you the most popular thermal spa vacations, in the the best thermal in Turkey.


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