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Sümbül Efendi Mosque

Sümbül Efendi Mosque

Koca Mustafa Pasha Mosque is popularly known as Sümbül Efendi Mosque or Sümbül Tomb. Its official name is Pîr Yusuf Sümbül Sinan itsitânesi.

It is a religious building from the Eastern Roman period in the Koca Mustafa Pasha district of Istanbul. The 6th century pieces and column capitals were proven to be a place of worship of the 6th century. The monastery works from the apostle named Hagios Andreas and Krisei, believed to impose Christianity on the Byzantine people.

The iconoclasm is for considerable destruction under the current. In the construction of the church, which forms the basis of Koca Mustafa Pasha Mosque. The building that operated as a monastery and church until the conquest of Istanbul in 1486 to turn it into a mosque.

You can go to there by public city buses. From Beyazıt city bus number 35A. From Balat city bus number 35D, From Taksim city bus number 35C. From Eminönü city bus number 35. Or yo can take tram from Sultanahmet to Yusuf pasa station. From Yusuf pasa bus station you can have a all buses with 35 number goes to Koca Mustafa Pasha. Just you need to walk 5 minutes from bus station to Sümbül Efendi Mosque.


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