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The province of Sivas is located at the eastern part of the Central Anatolian Regionin in Turkey. And it is located on the course of the historical Silk Road and the Kings Road. The province of Sivas provides interesting vacation possibilities for visitors with its natural beauties, historical background and thermal springs.

Districts: Sivas (center), Akıncılar, Altınyayla, Divriği, Doğanşar, Gemerek, Gülova, Gürün, Hafık, İmranlı, Kangal, Koyulhisar, Suşehri, Şarkışla, Ulaş, Yıldızeli, Zara. According to the written historical sources, the region of Sivas province was first inhabited during the period of the Hittite civilization by the beginning of BC 2000 and become an important settlement. The region then encountered the reign of Frigian, Lydian, Asurian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljukian, Danişment, ilhanlı, Eretna and Ottoman civilizations.

The foundations of the modern Turkish Republic was laid in the Sivas Congress assembled in 4 September 1919 at the presidency of Great Leader Atatürk and therefore the province of Sivas had become an important city for the History of the Turkish nation.

Thermal Springs with Fish: The thermal springs are located 96 km. away from Sivas and 13 km. away from Kangal district at the Kangal Creek Valley located northeast of Kangal. Fishes not more than 10 cm length live at the waters of the thermal spring. These fishes assist the cure of the skin diseases such as acne, wound, eczema and nacre by cleaning the wounds. It is possible to find accommodation and restaurants in Çermik.

Hot Çermik: The thermal spring is located 31 km away from the city center. It is known that the waters of this spring is good for rheumatism, neural and muscle disorders, gynecological, skin and kidney diseases. It is possible to find accommodation and restaurants.

Cold Çermik: The thermal spring is located 17 km away from the city center and the temperature of the waters of the spring are around 28 degrees. The waters of the spring are good for stomach, intestines and ballast diseases. The waters also assist the cure of rheumatism and neural diseases.

There are also thermal springs at the Suşehri, Şarkışla and Yıldızeli districts serving the local folk. Kangal Balıklı (Yılanlı) Çermik Location: 17 km northeast of Kangal, 100km southeast of Sivas in Central Anatolia.

Transport: There are regular buses from the centre of Sivas.

Water temperature: 36°C pH value: 7.3 Physical and chemical properties: Isothermal, hypertonic, oligometallic water containing bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium. Recommended Applications: Drinking – 3-4 cups in morning on empty stomach. Bathing – 6-8 hours a day, with breaks. Drinking alcohol during treatment is prohibited. Applying medication to wounds during treatment may be hazardous. Treatment should continue for at least 21 days. Helps to heal: The 2-8 cm fish in the waters aid in the healing of skin ailments like shallow wounds, pustule, eczema and psoriasis. The 15-30 cm snakes help to heal erysipelas (St. Anthony’s Fire).

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