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Sanliurfa is in southeast Turkey. The Balikli Göl ( Fish Lake), This lake is made up of the lakes called Halilur-Rahman and Ayn-el-Zeliha, which are connected to each other by canals. According to the story, when Abraham began his struggle against the idols worshipped by the ruler Nemrut and the local people, Nemrut threw him into a big fire, but the fire turned into water and the logs turned into fish. Furthermore, Zeliha, the adopted child of Nemrut, also threw herself into the fire because she loved Abraham, and the place where she fell also turned to a lake. There are tea-gardens and restaurants around Balikli Göl and the adjacent Rizvaniye and Halilur-Rahman Mosques, which are some of the region’s most interesting places to see. The other main historic buildings in Sanliurfa worth seeing are; Ulu Mosque, Hasan Padisah Mosque, the Caravanserai of Han-el-Ba’rur, the Caravanserai of Tzar Melik, and the Ruins of Suayb City. They have very famous urfa kebaps. When you go to there, you have to eat urfa kebaps and the other kebabs. It is always fresh and delicues. Enjoy your meal in Urfa.

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