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Hierapolis Archaeology Museum

Hierapolis Archaeology Museum
Hierapolis Archaeology Museum, the Roman city of Bath is one of the largest structure, serves as Hierapolis Archeology Museum since 1984.
The museum next to the excavation works of Hierapolis, Laodicea, Colossae, Tripolis, Lycos as ATTUDA (Çürüksu valley) are also artifacts from the city. In addition, the most beautiful examples of Bronze Age artifacts that Beycesultan obtained from the mound are an important part of the museum.
Caria, artifacts unearthed from some settlements in Pisidia and Lydia collected and exhibited in Hierapolis Museum. Three indoor and east known as open spaces adjacent to the library and the gymnasium, which is one part of the Hierapolis Bath is organized as a museum display areas. Works exhibited in open exhibition are mostly marble and stone artifacts.

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