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Firuzaga Mosque

Firuzaga Mosque

Sultanahmet Firuzaga Mosque; This small and lovely mosque is close to the Sultanahmet tram stop and is one of the city’s oldest dating back to 1491 when Firuz Aga was the Chief Treasurer to Beyazid II and who commissioned the construction of the building.The pre-classical design has a single minaret and triple arched portico similar to those built in Bursa. A little further on from the mosque is a small park that has remains of palaces belonging to Antiochus and Lausus, two Byzantine noblemen.
The park is also the burial place of the Christian martyr, St. Euphemia of Chalcedon, who was murdered for her faith in 300 AD and has a monument of Mehmed Akif Ersoy (1873-1936) who wrote the Turkish national anthem, Istiklal Marsi (Independence March).

Cihangir Firuzaga Mosque; Beyoğlu Cihangir Firuzaga Agahamamı Street is built. It is made by Firuzaga in 1491. The mosque and its surroundings were devastated by the large Cihangir fire in Sultan II on March 11, 1823. It is amended and renewed by Mahmut. The mosque is friends with an area of ​​380 square meters. It has two floors, a mosque on the upper floor and shops on the lower floor. It is a superb structure. The walls are made of masonry, the roof is wooden, the minaret is single-glazed and made of brick. The harem, which has a thorn plan, is separated on the wooden parts, one on each side, and the mosque is covered with tile. Today’s building has an architectural character called “Tanzimat style”. It is on two sides with stairs. The pulpit and pulpit of the mosque are wooden.

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