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Artvin is the capital of the Artvin province, which is situated in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Near to the Georgian border, Artvin is located on the Coruh River, 64 km away from Hopa. Artvin is surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty, making it ideal for those who like to hike and explore. You can explore mountains, forests, lakes, plateaus, valleys and rivers.

The Coruh River, on which Artvin stands, is ideal for the sport of river rafting. Its tumultuous flow and series of rapids provide conditions rarely found in other parts of the world. In fact it is the river’s natural power that has carved some of the area’s stunning valleys. For more wonders of nature you should head towards Erzurum, where you can visit the Tortum Waterfalls. As well as being a place of natural beauty Artvin has a number of historical sites. Archaeological excavations have provided finds that date back to the Bronze Age and beyond. Throughout the centuries many civilisations have left their mark on the area; such as the Hurri, Scythians, Arabs, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans.

Therefore you are able to explore the ruins of ancient castles, mosques, churches and bridges. Traditional wooden houses, built using Ottoman architecture, are scattered about providing a charming insight into the town’s history and culture. Artvin has quite a diverse culture, with varied traditional dances and music, as its population comprises of Turks, Lazes, Hamshenis and Georgians. They also hold an annual bull wrestling festival, which you could experience should you visit in June. Accommodation in Artvin caters for all needs and budgets.

You can find camp sites, B&Bs, private cottages and hotels. Artvin also has a number of restaurants providing cuisine to suit all tastes. You can enjoy a wide selection of fresh seafood, European dishes and traditional Turkish cuisine. If you are arriving by flight the nearest airports are 146 km away in Erzurum and 171 km away in Trabzon. It is also possible to reach Artvin by national bus service.

Places To Visit ;


Şavşat (Satel) Castle: The castle placed at Söğütlü Quarter, in Şavşat County, was built by Bagratlı Kingdom in the 9th century, it is also used by Ottomans too. Today castle is abandoned but still most parts of high tower and rampart walls remain.

Artvin Castle (Livane) it is tied to main rock 70 meter above the river base opposite of Artvin Bridge that on the Çoruh River. Castle built by Bagratlı Kingdom in the middle of 10th century. It takes attention with high tower.

Ardanuç (Guhernik) Castle It is placed at Ardanuç county, in Adakale area. Castle that one of the most important castles of region, premium sample with it’s interior castle and city formation surrounded by city walls. It takes attention with inscription of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman (Great Suleyman) beside the ruins dated to ancient periods.

Mosques, Tombs and Public Baths

Sahilbey Cami ve Türbeleri , İskender Paşa Cami-Türbeleri,Ortacalar Merkez Cami, Muratlı Cami, Sugören Cami, Esenköy Cami, Kocabey Cami, Demirkent Cami, Zeytinlik Türbeleri, Artvin Şehir Hamamı en önemlileridir.

Monasteries and Churches

Hamamlı Curch (with public bath) at center county, Barhal Church (Altıparmak Church), İşhan Church ve Dörtkilise Monastery at Yusufeli county, Cevizli Church and Köprülü Church, Pınarlı (Porta) Monastery, Hamamlı (Dolishana) Monastery Church, Işhan Monastery Church and Chapel at Şavşat county are important ones.

Fountains and Bridges

Çelebi Efendi Fountain It is at Orta quarter depended to Artvin Center. The fountain was built by Çelebi Efendi whom was steward of Asma Sultan in 1783 (H. 1197). Only some part of the building survived to present day. Fountain included to classical Ottoman buildings.

Berta Bridge It is on the Şavşat county road which depended to Artvin City. Building survives healthy to present time.

Ortacalar Çifte (double) The bridge is at the cross section of Anlı and Küçükköy villages roads, and 25 kilometer towards the Artvin, Ortacalar County.

Formed from two bridges to cross each other perpendicular. Both survived to present.

Artvin – Karagöl National Park is situated within the borders of Savsat and Artvin provinces, and is spread over the plateaus of Karagol and Sahara.
Artvin – Hatila Valley National Park is situated in Hatila Valley is a branch of the River Coruh, in the province of Artvin.

Artvin – Efeler Nature Reserve Park is near Camili, near the Georgian border, and 50km northeast of Borcka, in the district of Artvin in the Eastern Black Sea province.

Natural Beauties

Forests: Maçahel, Papart, Otingo and Yalnızçam Forests, are valuable enough to visit with their rich flora formation and monumental trees..

Güngörmez Rivulet: Mystery about rivulet that springs from Yusufeli county Güngörmez Mountains, it starts flowing by beginning of night and stops flowing with rising of sun.

Çoruh Valley: Çoruh Valley that conserves olive tree, peanut pine and other plants survive at Mediterranean climate, is a place to be seen by it’s interesting geologic and geomorphologic structure.

Cehennem Rivulet Canyon:Cehennem Rivulet Canyon that is one of the special canyons in Turkey, takes attention by it’s interesting nature.

Meydancık (Imerhev): The county is valuable for seeing by its original wooden construction buildings.

Fortress high above the river, this Georgian construction was built in 1793. Unfortunately, it is currently in a military zone, but can still be seen from a distance.

Dört Kilise, a nearby village, has a tenth century basilica, complete with its the remains of its paintings, and the ruins of another chapel.

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